Mission Statement

Founded in 1947, Sleep etc. was built on two principles. Be honest with our customers and offer a good value. “We aim to exceed our customer’s expectations”. This above and beyond attitude has created a loyal following and we have grown every year as our customers return. We are especially proud when they send in their friends and relatives.

Fred and Shirley Klein on a mattress.

Our President, Jeff Klein grew up in Connecticut, Jeff was literally born into the bed business. One of his earliest memories is of jumping on stacks of mattresses with his brother and sister in their parent’s warehouse. He worked part time at his parent’s Kleinsleep mattress store throughout school. And since taking over the family business in 1993, Jeff has been a leader in the industry and sought to continually produce a healthier mattress.

Jeff lives in Connecticut with his wife Tamar and their five year old daughter. The family business had always emphasized natural mattresses due to their breathability and durability, but the birth of Jeff’s daughter is what inspired him think deeply about what harmful substances we are exposed to from a young age.

As a result we have more recently stepped up our efforts to become the leader in the natural and Organic mattress business. With an aim towards more socially responsible products, we are committed to offering a higher quality, more comfortable and longer lasting mattress. By sourcing out the best and healthiest materials available we have been able to create a line-up of products that are healthier for you, your family and for the environment. We also are committed to wherever possible sourcing are components from USA companies. While the natural rubber used in our products is grown mostly in Asia, it is processed here in the USA and all of our other components are assembled here in the USA as well.

With over 50 years of customer feedback, we have been able to design mattresses that are exquisitely comfortable, ideally supportive for your back and they are built to last for many years to come. We would like to extend to you an invitation to visit one of our two beautiful showrooms in Connecticut and come in and experience for yourself how; all natural beds can also be remarkably comfortable and supportive. You will be greeted by our friendly and knowledgeable staff who can help guide you through all we have to offer, allowing you to make the most intelligent choice for you and your family.