Are your beds available in all sizes?

Yes, all of our models are available in all sizes including custom sizes. Twin (38x75), Twin-XL (38x80), Full (54x75), Full-XL (54x80), Queen (60x80), King (76x80) & California King (72x84). We gladly can custom make special sizes to meet any special needs you may have.

What type of Latex do you use for your beds?

All of our Organic Mattresses are made exclusively with all Natural Talalay Latex. This product is made to our special specifications to ensure you of the highest quality product. We do not use any blended formulas of latex or polyurethane foams in our Terra Bed line of mattresses. Talalay all natural rubber is produced in the United States in Connecticut and is considered to be the gold standard in Natural Latex. We feel it is the most comfortable and durable rubber available anywhere.

Where are your mattresses manufactured?

We proudly manufacturer all of our mattresses in the USA. By producing our product locally we contribute to creating jobs in the localities where we do we business. We use only USA made raw materials to produce our mattresses insuring the finest quality while supporting our local and national economy.

Will you deliver to my home?

Of course, we will gladly deliver and assemble or set-up our product in your home for you. We deliver on our own trucks anywhere in NY, NJ and CT. If you happen to live outside that area we are more than happy to ship our mattresses anywhere in the US or abroad, simply give us a call and we can work out all the details for you. Our delivery people have many years of experience and we insist that they will always be courteous, professional and on schedule.

How long before I get my delivery?

We keep stock on most of our products so if it is in stock we will deliver it very promptly to you, most often within a day or two or whatever fits your requirements. If we are out of stock we can generally get your new mattress within about one week. When you place your order our staff will let you know what your delivery options are at that time. If you have any special needs, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate them.

What about Latex Allergies?

Rest assured, even if you have a latex sensitivity, you will not have any reaction to the latex in our mattresses. The American Latex Allergy Association says less than 1% of the world's population suffers from an allergy to Natural Rubber. There are a higher percentage of people who develop an allergy to synthetic rubber which is often used in the medical profession for items such as exam gloves. Our Organic Mattresses use only all Natural Rubber; no blended or synthetic rubber and there is a barrier of cotton and wool on top of the latex. In order to have an allergic reaction to latex, you must come in direct contact with it. The barrier ensures that no one will ever experience a reaction to the

Do you ship to areas where you have no store?

Yes. We are glad to assist you over the telephone with your choice to insure you get the mattress that best fits your needs. We then can have it shipped direct to your home. The cost of this will depend on the model, size and of course your location. We will gladly get you a quote so you can have all the correct information and be comfortable in making your decision.