Sleeping Better with a Terra Bed Mattress

Sleeping Better on a Terra Bed Mattress

You certainly are going to benefit from the fact that our Terra Beds are made from all natural and organic materials. The simple fact that your mattress is free from chemicals will obviously contribute to your overall better health and well being. There are a few other reasons why you will get a better, healthier night’s sleep on a Terra Bed mattress.

Pressure Relief- Old fashioned innerspring or coil mattresses contain springs or coils made of metal. These metals can be hard on your body over time. As you lie down on this type of mattress your weight presses down on the springs and in a very short time pressure build up and the springs fight against your body. These “pressure points” restrict your blood from flowing properly; ever wake up with your arm asleep? Ever get that “pins and needles” sensation? The result is your brain sending your body a message to re-position itself so the blood can flow properly again. This tossing and turning can occur as much as 100 times per night on a typical mattress. The result is significantly less deep sleep so that when you wake up in the morning you still feel tired and possibly achy as well. Our Terra Bed mattresses are designed so that the top layer of the mattress allows your body to sink into the mattress some working with your body rather than fighting against it. The result is a far less “pressure points”, drastically reduced tossing and turning and allowing you to get a much deeper more restful sleep.

Proper Spinal Alignment- another issue with typical mattresses is that they lack the needed support in your lumbar area, specifically your lower back. Since traditional mattresses are more or less flat and our bodies are not, typical mattresses do not allow for your body to sink into the mattress, they tend to leave unsupported gaps, especially in the lower back area. The result is discomfort in that area and most people will turn to their side and sleep in a fetal type position. This position while it may feel more comfortable, results in putting a significant amount of our body mass on a very thin part of our body which can cause issues such as neck, hip and shoulder pain. Terra Bed mattress are designed with natural rubber cores that work with the shape of your body and fill in all those gaps and allow for even support for your whole body. The result is a much better supported sleep and a lot less aches and pains.

Breathable Sleep Surface- The vast majority of mattresses are made with covers and fillings that are made of man made fiber such as polyester. These fibers due not breathe very well and tend to trap heat and moisture near you body which can cause discomfort and lead to more tossing and turning at night. Terra Beds use only organic cotton covers that are filled with organic wool. These natural fibers allow for free circulation of air around your body at all times. The organic wool also is fantastic for wicking moisture away from your body. The result is a more comfortable overall sleep environment insuring that you can get the maximum amount of deep sleep every night.