Organic Latex Tree being harvested for latex mattresses.

What’s Inside a Terra Bed Organic Mattress?

The answer to this question is very simple because unlike many other mattresses out there a Terra Bed does not use any “gimmicky” ingredients.  We use only three very special materials that nature has provided us with and the result is a comfortable, supportive and long lasting mattress.  Everything in a Terra Bed comes from the earth and at the end of its life it can go back to the earth.

Natural Latex

Natural rubber, also known as Latex is the main ingredient in the making of our Terra Bed Organic mattresses. All natural rubber, prior to being processed into a mattress form, is a milky like substance that is harvested from the Hevea Brasiliensis trees which grow in tropical climates. These trees are sustainable and are grown in a pesticide free environment. The rubber is processed here in the United States using the Talalay method, which ensures that its natural properties are kept intact to produce the purest form of rubber possible, free of any chemicals or harmful toxins. The rubber is breathable, dust-mite, mold spore and allergen resistant as well as extremely durable. It is amazingly comfortable and supportive as well so you can count on many years of restful, supportive and very healthy sleep.

Organic Wool

Wool is the only material that keeps us cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  That’s why all of our mattresses feature Organic New Zealand Wool. Ask any runner, hiker or biker why they wear wool socks and they will tell you it is because wool wicks away moisture and keeps them dry and comfortable. This great feature of wool allows our mattresses to have the coolest, most breathable and moisture free sleep surface possible. The result is a more comfortable place to sleep no matter what the season.  Another benefit of wool is its natural flame retardant ability.  Interesting Fact: Wool does not burn.  That is why we wrap all of our beds in wool so that we don’t have to apply any chemical flame retardants. 

Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton is used to cover all of our mattresses.  This key ingredient provides a naturally smooth, soft and cool sleeping surface.  We use only long staple cotton fibers for durability that has no equal. The air circulation and absorbency of the cotton in every Terra Bed natural mattress combined with our proprietary cool channel quilting creates a tremendous circulation of air around your body.  Every ingredient in our beds is breathable and a breathable sleep system is key for a good night’s sleep. Organic Cotton also is hypoallergenic and helps to prevent the growth of allergens and mold spores.  Every Terra Bed natural mattress resists dust mites.  Dust mites require a warm, moist environment to breed while we have designed out beds to be cool and dry.  This creates a natural dust mite barrier.