Well I had spent my sleeping life on the main stream line of mattresses. I think I'd always had one of the 3 S's and just never really felt like I was getting all that could be gotten from spending 7 or 8 hours in bed each night. I won't claim any real pain, or terribly restless nights, though neither could I ever claim feeling great about getting into and out of bed each night and morning. A couple of years back my brother's girlfriend bought a Carpe Diem from Jeff Klein at Sleep Etc. and she couldn't speak highly enough of the store or the mattress. About a year later it was my brother's turn- he went to Jeff and also bought a Carpe Diem...same experience. Incredibly helpful man, very fair pricing and, of course, a wonderful new bed. Well I was able to hold off for another year or so. Over that year I came to realize more an more what a lack of comfort I had when falling asleep each night. Not that my old mattress was overly UNcomfortable...just not all that, simply put, comfortable. I could have dealt with that through sheer willpower but the part of my sleep experience that was really intolerable was the feeling of a lingering utter exhaustion each morning...even after a long night's rest- I just couldn't hit that snooze button fast enough. I finally popped into Sleep Etc. a couple of months ago to meet Jeff for myself and see if he could help me out. The day I drove over Jeff was out of town so I got to meet Anthony Montero. He spent a good deal of time with me that afternoon, walking me around to, and explaining the differences of, a variety of mattresses. I left that day wanting very much to purchase a new Carpe Diem but trying to justify the price. I spoke with Anthony a couple of more times over the next week, just to ask a few new questions that came up. He was super helpful, never pushy and in the end even worked with me on the price a bit. I really do think that this was one of the smartest and most important purchases that I've made in my life. Not only is my bed outrageously comfortable but the level of rest I'm getting is exceptional...truly! For the first few weeks I couldn't wait to get into bed each night and I woke rested and refreshed each day- sounds like a cheesy commercial, I know, but it's so true. Over the past couple of weeks, however, the bigger difference has shown itself...and this one is pretty surprising. I now wake up well before my alarm goes off each morning (something that I've never in my life done) acutely aware of my body informing me that it's gotten the rest that it needs and that I can now get up. This is really shocking to mornings are completely different than they've ever been. I still try to sleep until the alarm goes off, thinking that I need it, but I really just don't. Furthermore, my energy throughout each day is noticeably higher. It's all pretty amazing, these things I'd heard and sorta dismissed as marketing claims are showing themselves to be that's that. I couldn't have asked for a better shopping experience, I couldn't ask for a more comfortable mattress and I really can't imagine more wonderful carryover results. Thanks so much Anthony!

Eleon R, Westport, CT

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