I really value customer reviews when I'm researching an expensive purchase, so thought I'd write one myself. I had an absolutely wonderful experience buying a bed from Sleep Etc in Stamford.

My husband and I did a substantial amount of research before buying a new mattress, including buying a subscription to Consumer Reports and going to several mattress stores (including Duxiana in Greenwich) to test beds ourselves. We were turned off during most of our visits due to the sleazy sales people we came across. That did not happen at all at Sleep Etc. We worked with Paul, the manager of the store in Stamford, and he was wonderful. Not pushy at all, just very helpful and informative about the various benefits of each type of mattress. A complete 180 from the people you deal with at stores like Sleepy's.

Now to the mattress itself. We bought 2 twin XL terra brand pillow top mattresses (i don't recall the exact model name). The beds were extremely comfortable and soft, exactly what I thought that I liked. Unfortunately, when I woke up in the morning, my back would be sore because the mattress wasn't very supportive. That said, I had not been shopping for a firm mattress - I asked for a soft one. So I was looking for the wrong product for myself. I really wish it didn't bother my back, because it was the most comfortable mattress I've ever owned! Sleep Etc has an awesome return policy - full store credit if returned within 90 days, no questions asked, provided there's no damage to the mattress. I fully expected there to be some sort of catch when we actually tried to return the mattress, but it wasn't a problem at all. Paul apologized that the mattress wasn't to our liking, and helped us find a mattress that was better suited for our needs. We ended up buying a floor model king size Englander (again, can't remember the exact model name) for slightly more than we had paid for the other beds. Because it was a floor model, we got an AMAZING deal. And we've had the bed for over a month, and it's been great. No back pain, very supportive, no complaints at all. We just had to pay the difference in price as well as shipping (shipping was free the first time, but they say if you return it, you need to pay for it the 2nd time - fair enough). My experience was great, I will definitely shop here again in the future!

K.M., Stamford, CT

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